We are actively working on projects to support first responders and decision-makers related to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Situational Awareness Screens for the Bloomington Fire Department

Developing a visual information system in collaboration with Bloomington Fire Department and Netage B.V. in the Netherlands.

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Analysis Platform for Risk, Resilience and Expenditure in Disasters

The APRED project is focused on finding the connections and relationships between disaster risk, resilience, and cost, using a rich data set of documented outcomes for federal disaster recovery efforts. This project, funded by the Economic Development Administration (EDA), will provide an analysis of the outcomes and impacts of FY2012 disaster supplemental appropriation funds spent at the local, county, and state level for disaster relief over a 6-year period, using reporting required under the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA)

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Bloomington Emergency Dashboard

A dashboard to allow different departments at the City of Bloomington to ping and relay their operational statuses.

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Rapid visual analysis of resilience by state and county generated using data sourced from the United States Census (“Census”), American Community  Survey (“ACS”), and other frequently‐published data sources.

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