Situational Awareness Screens

Geo-aware, Real-time Visual Information System

Developing a visual information system in collaboration with Bloomington Fire Department and Netage B.V. in the Netherlands.

About the Project

Members of CTIL are collaborating with Bloomington Fire Department and Netage B.V. in the Netherlands to develop a visual information system which provides local firefighters role-appropriate views of \maps of emergency response locales, including location information for personnel dispatched throughout the City of Bloomington. Systems composed of a large LCD display driven by a Raspberry Pi computer are in place at multiple Bloomington fire stations, showing the locations of deployed units on an OpenStreetMap rendered with the Google Maps API. Dispatched unit locations are updated in a database, and the kiosk units regularly fetch and display updated map information. Future work will include mapping information for other services, such as police and ambulance units, as well as mobile tablet and/or phone displays that utilize 3-D mappings of buildings, particularly the many large buildings on the Indiana University campus, to which Bloomington Fire Department and other responders could be dispatched.



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