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Accelerating Tech Innovation

Accelerating Technology Innovation for Disaster Environments

Posted August 12, 2021 by Dr. David Wild

Point of Care

In Two Places at Once

Posted August 6, 2021 by Carol O. Rogers and Andra Ferrara

Maximize Impact, But Do No Harm

Ethical Technology Innovation for COVID-19

Posted April 15, 2020 by Rakesh Bharania and Evan Paul

Infrastructure in a Disaster

Hurricane Maria Exposed a Need for Reducing Cascading Failures in Critical Infrastructure

Posted March 1, 2021 by August Reed

The Critical Question for Data Science

The Critical Question for Data Science to Answer in the Next 10 Years

Posted November 20, 2019 by Dr. David Wild

Data Science Could Help Battle Wildfires

Data Science Could Help Californians Battle Future Wildfires

Posted November 12, 2019 by Dr. David Wild

An EOC in Your Pocket

Turning Your Phone Into a State of the Art Emergency Operations Center

Posted November 8, 2018 by Dr. David Wild

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Analysis Platform for Risk, Resilience, and Expenditure in Disasters (APRED)

Posted June 21, 2021 by Indiana Business Research Center

Tele-Critical Care Hospitals Map

U.S. Tele-Critical Care (TCC) Hospitals Map

Posted August 6, 2021 by Dr. Ben Scott and Carol O. Rogers and Bethany Holliday

Other Resources

Additional Resources

TCC Strategies for Covid-19

Telecritical Care Clinical and Operational Strategies in Response to COVID-19

Tele-ICUs for Covid-19

Tele-ICUs for Covid-19: A Look at National Prevalence and Characteristics of Hospitals Providing Teleintensive Care

Ventilator Stockpile for Covid-19

The US Strategic National Stockpile Ventilators in Coronavirus Disease 2019

Cost-Effective ICU Telemedicine

Selected Use of Telemedicine in Intensive Care Units Based on Severity of Illness Improves Cost-Effectiveness

Business Case for Tele-ICUs

A Business Case for Tele-Intensive Care Units

Efficacy of Remote Critical Care

Tele-ICU: Efficacy and Cost-Effectiveness Approach of Remotely Managing the Critical Care