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COVID-19 Vaccines While Pregnant or Breastfeeding

Pregnant people are more likely to get severely ill with COVID-19 compared with non-pregnant people. If you are pregnant, you can receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

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Getting Your COVID-19 Vaccine

Learn what to expect during and after your vaccination, what documents your provider will give you, and how to report side effects.

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COVID-19 Vaccines for People with Underlying Medical Conditions

People with underlying medical conditions are at increased risk of infection from COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccines may be administered to most people with underlying medical conditions.

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Preparing for Your COVID-19 Vaccination

What you need to know to prepare for your COVID-19 vaccination and what you should consider if you are taking medication before getting vaccinated.

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How Do I Find a COVID-19 Vaccine?

Learn about how you can find vaccination providers near you. Once you find a provider, you'll have to schedule an appointment with that provider.

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International Travel During COVID-19

Fully vaccinated travelers are less likely to get and spread COVID-19. However, international travel poses additional risks and even fully vaccinated travelers are at increased risk for getting and possibly spreading new COVID-19 variants. CDC recommends delaying international travel until you are fully vaccinated.

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COVID-19 Vaccines that Require 2 Shots

If you receive a Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, you will need 2 shots. They are not interchangeable, so get the same product for your second shot.

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Different COVID-19 Vaccines

Different types of COVID-19 vaccines have been authorized in the U.S. Learn how they work and what other vaccines are in phase 3 clinical trials.

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Myocarditis and Pericarditis Following mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination

CDC and its partners are monitoring reports of myocarditis and pericarditis in adolescents and young adults after COVID-19 vaccination. We continue to recommend COVID-19 vaccination for individuals 12 years of age and older.

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COVID-19 Vaccines for Older Adults

The risk of severe illness from COVID-19 increases with age, which is why the CDC recommends older adults receive COVID-19 vaccines.

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COVID-19 Vaccines for Teachers, School Staff, and Childcare Workers

All teachers and staff in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade (PreK-12) schools and childcare workers are recommended to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Vaccines Are Free to the Public

COVID-19 vaccines are free of charge to all people living in the U.S. regardless of their immigration or health insurance status.

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Safer Travel Tips for Families with Unvaccinated Children

Some travel activities, like staying at guest lodgings, can increase your risk of getting COVID-19. Your chances of exposure are higher if you come into close contact with others, especially people you don't know, or use shared public facilities.

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Key Things to Know About COVID-19 Vaccines

Learn the key things you need to know about the new COVID-19 vaccines.

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Prevent Getting Sick ' CDC

Protect yourself and others from Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus. The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person. There is currently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

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Clinical Care Guidance for Healthcare Professionals about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Find guidance for clinicians caring for patients with a suspected or confirmed infection caused by coronavirus disease COVID-19.

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Recommendation to Pause Use of Johnson & Johnson's Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine

CDC recommends pausing use of the J&J/Janssen COVID-19 vaccine following a rare and severe type of blood clot in 6 people who received the vaccine. (147 characters)

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Developing Vaccines Quickly

A description of how COVID-19 vaccines were developed, tested, authorized, and distributed quickly while maintaining the same high safety standards required for all vaccines.

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How to talk about COVID-19 vaccines with friends and family

COVID-19 vaccines are new, and it's normal to for people to have questions about them. CDC has information about how to talk to your friends and family about COVID-19 vaccines.

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COVID-19 Child Care Program Symptom Screening Flowchart

COVID-19 symptom screening flowchart for childcare facilities

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What To Do If A Child Becomes Sick or Receives a New COVID-19 Diagnosis At Your Child Care Program

This flowchart outlines what to do if a child becomes sick or receives a new COVID-19 diagnosis at your child care facility

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When You've Been Fully Vaccinated

Recommendations on what activities people can do after they have been fully vaccinated, including how to gather safely with vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

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COVID-19 Vaccines Work

Vaccines currently approved for use in the United States are effective at preventing COVID-19.

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Information About Johnson & Johnson's Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine

Johnson & Johnson's Janssen COVID-19 vaccine is recommended for people aged 18 years and older.

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How COVID-19 Vaccines Get to You

Vaccine manufacturers; the federal government; state, local, and territorial jurisdictions; and other partners are working to make sure safe and effective vaccines are getting to you as quickly as possible. This page will help you understand the key steps in this important process and how CDC is tracking vaccine distribution, delivery, and administration throughout the United States.

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Guidance for COVID-19

CDC COVID-19 Guidance Documents

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Improve How Your Mask Protects You

Learn more about how to make sure your mask works effectively.

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COVID-19 Vaccination for Communities

Protect your community. Get answers to common questions and accurate information about COVID-19 vaccines.

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Small Gatherings

Tips to safely host or attend small holiday gatherings.

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Toolkit for Pregnant People and New Parents

Resources and tools to help pregnant people, breastfeeding women and new parents caring for infants to protect their health and help people who serve these communities communicate with them.

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Workplace Vaccination Program

To keep your workplace healthy, consider offering free, on-site COVID-19 vaccination at your business locations.

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Community Organizations and Gatherings

Mitigation guidance and considerations for community organizations, gatherings and events, and communities of faith for reducing spread of COVID-19.

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Requirement for Proof of Negative COVID-19 Test or Recovery from COVID-19 for All Air Passengers Arriving in the United States

Information and frequently asked questions about requirement for proof of negative COVID-19 test or recovery from COVID-19 for all air passengers arriving in the United States

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COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. Everyone 12 years of age and older is now eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccination.

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Understanding Viral Vector COVID-19 Vaccines

Viral vector vaccines are a type of vaccine likely to be approved for use for COVID-19 that work differently from the initially approved mRNA vaccines.

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Facts about COVID-19 Vaccines

With the possibility of a limited supply of one or more COVID-19 vaccines becoming available before the end of 2020, accurate vaccine information is critical. It can be difficult to know which sources of information you can trust. Learn more about common myths and misconceptions about COVID-19 vaccination.

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Information about the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

Information about the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine including name, manufacturer, type of vaccine, number of shots, how it is given and links to ingredient information.

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Information about the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine

Name: BNT162b2 Manufacturer: Pfizer, Inc., and BioNTech Type of vaccine: mRNA Number of shots: 2 shots, 21 days apart How given: Shot in the muscle of the upper arm

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COVID-19 Vaccines and Severe Allergic Reactions

CDC has learned of reports that some people have experienced severe allergic reactions-also known as anaphylaxis-after getting a COVID-19 vaccine. As an example, an allergic reaction is considered severe when a person needs to be treated with epinephrine or EpiPen or if they must go to the hospital. If you get a COVID-19 vaccine and you think you might be having a severe allergic reaction after leaving the vaccination site, seek immediate medical care by calling 911.

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Understanding mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

mRNA vaccines are a new type of vaccine to protect against infectious diseases. To trigger an immune response, many vaccines put a weakened or inactivated germ into our bodies. Not mRNA vaccines. Instead, they teach our cells how to make a protein-or even just a piece of a protein-that triggers an immune response inside our bodies. That immune response, which produces antibodies, is what protects us from getting infected if the real virus enters our bodies.

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Winter Holidays

Winter holiday gatherings with family and friends are fun but can increase the chances of getting or spreading COVID-19 or the flu. Follow these tips to make your winter holidays safer.

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What to Expect after Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccination will help protect you from getting COVID-19. You may have some side effects, which are a normal sign that your body is building protection. These side effects may affect your ability to do daily activities, but they should go away in a few days.

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V-safe After Vaccination Health Checker

Use your smartphone to report any side effects after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as reminders if you need a second dose.

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How COVID-19 Spreads

How COVID-19 spreads. COVID-19 most commonly spreads during close contact and can also be spread by airborne transmission.

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Ensuring COVID-19 Vaccines Work

Before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determines whether to approve a vaccine or authorize a vaccine for emergency use, clinical trials are conducted to determine how well it works. This is known as effectiveness.After FDA approves a vaccine or authorizes a vaccine for emergency use, it continues to be studied to determine how well it works under real-world conditions. CDC and other federal partners will be assessing COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness under real-world conditions. CDC is preparing now so that further assessment of vaccine effectiveness can start as soon as COVID-19 vaccines either approved or authorized for emergency use by FDA. Many of these assessments will build on existing CDC programs

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Benefits of Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine ' CDC

Learn about the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination based on what experts currently know. Vaccination will be an important tool to help stop the pandemic.

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Workplaces and Businesses

CDC guidelines and strategies for how to prevent and reduce transmission of COVID-19 at your workplace or business.

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Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 Vaccination

Answers to commonly asked questions about COVID-19 vaccines, including vaccine cost, availability, and types.

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Understanding How COVID-19 Vaccines Work

Learn about how COVID-19 vaccines will work with your body's natural defenses to safely develop protection (immunity) to this serious disease.

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How It Spreads

How It Spreads

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Ensuring the Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines in the United States

Safety is a top priority for COVID-19 vaccines. Learn how the U.S. vaccine safety system is ensuring the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

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What's New & Updated

Provides a list of all recently updated COVID-19 webpages.

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People at Increased Risk

People at Increased Risk

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Travel during the COVID-19 Pandemic ' CDC

There are several things to consider when deciding whether it is safe for you to travel in the United States. This includes the following: is COVID-19 spreading where you're going, will you be in close contact with others, are you at higher risk of severe illness if you do get COVID-19, do you have a plan for taking time off from work or school, do you live with someone who is older or has a severe chronic health condition, and is COVID-19 spreading where you live?

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Global COVID-19 ' CDC

View the spread of COVID-19 on world map.

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Duration of Isolation and Precautions for Adults with COVID-19

Accumulating evidence supports ending isolation and precautions for persons with COVID-19 using a symptom-based strategy. This update incorporates recent evidence to inform the duration of isolation and precautions recommended to prevent transmission of SARS-CoV-2 to others, while limiting unnecessary prolonged isolation and unnecessary use of laboratory testing resources.

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Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home

Help protect against coronavirus by cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and objects like tables, countertops, light switches, doorknobs, and cabinet handles.

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Quarantine If You Might Be Sick

Stay home if you might have been exposed to COVID-19.

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Daily Activities and Going Out

Learn how you can plan, prepare, and cope with stress before and during a COVID-19 outbreak.

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Overview of Testing for SARS-CoV-2

Summary of considerations and current CDC recommendations regarding SARS-CoV-2 testing.

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Considerations for Institutes of Higher Education ' CDC

Find answers to questions about novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), including disease basics, prevention, travel, and 2019-nCoV and animals information.

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COVID-19 Travel Recommendations by Country

Search COVID-19 risk assessment by country larger map

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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If You Are Sick

If you are sick with COVID-19 or suspect you are infected with the virus that causes COVID-19, you should take steps to help prevent the disease from spreading to people in your home and community.

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Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19

Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19

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CDC is closely monitoring an outbreak caused by Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) first identified in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China.

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Guidance for Schools and Child Care Programs

Resources for K-12 Schools and Childcare Programs

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Interim Clinical Guidance for Management of Patients with Confirmed 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Infection

Interim Clinical Guidance for Management of Patients with Confirmed 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Infection

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Parks and Recreational Facilities

Parks and Recreational Facilities

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Colleges and Universities

Reopening guidance, mitigation guidance, and prevention and support for colleges and universities.

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Preparing for COVID-19: Long-term Care Facilities, Nursing Homes

Guidance for nursing homes and other long-term care facilities to take steps to assess and improve their preparedness for responding to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

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Cases & Latest Updates

Cases & Latest Updates

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Pregnancy & Breastfeeding ' CDC

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and Pregnancy

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Symptoms of Coronavirus ' CDC

Patients with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection have reportedly had mild to severe respiratory illness with symptoms of fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

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CDC in Action

Learn about how CDC is aggressively responding to the global outbreak of COVID-19 and preparing for the potential of community spread in the United States.

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Caring for someone at home

If you are caring for someone at home, monitor for emergency signs, prevent the spread of germs, treat symptoms, and carefully consider when to end home isolation.

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How to Protect Yourself

Know how coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads and take steps to protect yourself and others. Avoid close contact, clean your hands often, cover coughs and sneezes, stay home if you're sick, and know how to clean and disinfect.

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Discontinuation of Home Isolation for Persons with COVID-19 (Interim Guidance)

Guidance for healthcare providers and public health officials managing persons with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) under home isolation.

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Infection Control

See interim guidance for healthcare professionals on human infections with novel coronavirus 2019 (nCoV-2019).

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Communication Resources

Communication Resources

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Stress and Coping

The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) may be stressful. Coping with stress will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger.

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Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility ' CDC

Plain language cleaning and disinfection guidance (for community settings)

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Protect yourself and others from Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus. The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person. There is currently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

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Learn about CDC's travel recommendations and tips to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19: What people with HIV should know

Although the risk of serious illness from COVID-19 for people with HIV is not known, people with HIV may have concerns and questions related to their risk.

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What To Do if You Are Sick ' CDC

What to Do If You Are Sick With Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

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Preventing COVID-19 Spread in Communities

Preventing COVID-19 Spread in Communities

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Information for Laboratories

See interim guidance for lab professionals working with specimens of patients under investigation for human infections with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

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Interim Guidance for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Systems and 911 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) for 2019-nCoV in the United States

Interim Guidance for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Systems and 911 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) for 2019-nCoV in the United States

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