Sample Content HELLO!

Edited October 6, 2020 by Soichi Hayashi and Frances E. Allen and Andra Ferrara

This page contains various markdown examples


As you see on above, if you’d like to list the contributors(authors) of this page, just add something like this to the “front matter”.

  - Soichi Hayashi
  - Frances E. Allen

If you’d like.. you can add a custom profile page for each contributors. See /content/contributors/soichi-hayashi directory and create something similar for each contributor.


To embed an image on a page, first you will need to add your image under /static/images directory, then add something like the following.

![sample image](/images/sample.gif)

This is how it might look..

sample image

Although the image is stored inside /static directory, You don’t need /static/ in the image URL. That’s how hugo does thing.

Code highLight

You can insert code in the usual markdown format

 some code

So far, we’ve installed the following highLight langugages

  • javascript
  • json
  • bash
  • html
  • ini
  • toml
  • yaml
  • md (markdown)
  • python
  • r
  • matlab

We can install a lot of other languages too, so just ask me.

Here is bash example


###### CONFIG

if [ "$UID" -ne 0 ]
 echo "Superuser rights required"
 exit 2

 echo -e "# Host ${HOME_DIR}$1/$2 :"

echo '"quoted"' | tr -d \" > text.txt

javascript example

function $initHighlight(block, cls) {
  try {
    if (\bno\-highlight\b/) != -1)
      return process(block, true, 0x0F) +
             ` class="${cls}"`;
  } catch (e) {
    /* handle exception */
  for (var i = 0 / 2; i < classes.length; i++) {
    if (checkCondition(classes[i]) === undefined)

  return (

export  $initHighlight;

We can also pick different highLight themes


You can embed video by hosting it on youtube (maybe we should create UTIL channel?) and embedding it with your hugo page using youtube shortcodes like this

{{< youtube HHqv2G0LmNc >}}

"HHqv2G0LmNc" is the Video ID from the youtube URL


You can do similar with vimeo..


Use Katex syntax for math equations.

   n \sim  10^{18} \mathrm{cm^{-3}} \left(\frac{100\mathrm{km}}{R}\right)^2 \left(\frac{10\mathrm{MeV}}{\langle E \rangle}\right).


$$ \begin{equation*} n \sim 10^{18} \mathrm{cm^{-3}} \left(\frac{100\mathrm{km}}{R}\right)^2 \left(\frac{10\mathrm{MeV}}{\langle E \rangle}\right). \end{equation*} $$


You can add twitter feed like this..

{{< tweet 1390858968101232642>}}

which becomes..


If you want to host a code snippet on gist, you can include it here like this.

{{< gist spf13 7896402 >}}



You can embed plotly graph (you can interact with it!)

{{< plotly json="plotly/sample.json" height="400px">}}

Please make the URL relative to static directory (without / at the front)


This requires several steps..

  1. First you need to export your vis content in plotly json format (please google search!).

  2. Then, you store the json file under static/plotly directory.

  3. You have to load “plotly.js” for your page by adding the following front matter content

plotly: true
  1. Lastly, you can insert the plotly shortcode like this
{{< plotly json="plotly/sample.json" height="400px" >}}


You can add citation by doing the following. I think.

  1. Add the paper you are citing in data/citations.yml of this repo in yml formatted bibtex. If you have bibtex file, you can use pandoc-citeproc --bib2yaml command to conver it to this format.

The citation entry should look like this

- id: Lessig 2002
  type: article-journal
  - family: Freely
    given: I.P.
  - year: 1997
  title: A small paper
  container-title: The journal of small papers
  volume: '5'
  note: to appear

  1. Add the citation on your page by adding the following shortcode using the id you used for citations.yml as the key.
> Here is my citation {{< cite "Lessig 2002" >}}.

It would appear like the following..

Here is my citation [Lessig 2002]

  1. To show all the references cited in your page, add the following shortcode where you want to show the references.
{{< bibliography >}}

This will add all the papers that you have cited in your page. Like this..


Lessig 2002 Freely, I.P.. A small paper, 1997, vol. 5 .