DSLA Style Guide

Edited May 20, 2021 by Andra Ferrara

Style Guide for Data Science Learning Accelerator (formerly DS Knowledge Base)

DSLA Style Guide

General Recommendations

  • spell check
  • grammar check
  • headings in title case
  • no periods in bullet points

Content Structure

  • What Is X?
  • Who Should Use X?
  • When Should I Use X?
  • How Do I Learn About It?
  • Strengths
  • Limitations
  • Alternative Options
  • References

File Names

  • DeveloperOrganization_TopicName + .md
    • please use “AWS” as Developer Organization instead of “Amazon Web Services”


  • TopicName + .md
    • if Developer Organization is N/A

MD Tutorial

  • indentations must be 4 spaces

Front Matter

  • title: “Developer Organization Topic Name”
  • see “/cs/FrontMatterTemplate.md”




(add instructions from “/cs/sample.md”)


(add instructions from “/cs/sample.md”)