The APRED platform provides information on the disaster profile of counties across the United States including reports on their disaster resilience levels, business vulnerability index, and storm history.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to navigate the three sections of APRED: FEMA Disaster Declarations, Disaster Resilience, and EDA Supplemental Awards. Let's begin by navigating to the FEMA Disaster Declaration section of the tool.

APRED Map Controls This image is from the APRED app

FEMA Disaster Declaration Section

Selecting by Disaster Type

To visually explore the geographic spread of different types of disaster, you can use the date range feature to select dates and use the checkmark box to select disaster types.

APRED Disaster Type Filter

Choosing a County

To evaluate the eligibility of a county to receive disaster funding or to view the disaster profile of a county, type in the name of the county in the search button and hit enter. The selected page opens on a new page with all the relevant information.

APRED County Selecter

County Profile Dashboard

The county dashboard provides a summary of the demographic and economic information of a county.

APRED County Profile This image is from Monroe County's dashboard Monroe County Dashboard APRED

Disaster Declaration

This section provides information on disasters that may be eligible for investment assistance from the EDA.

EDA Declaration Section

Business Vulnerability Index (BVI)

BVI provides information on the percentages of businesses in a county that are believed to be vulnerable to various natural disasters.

Business Vulnerability Index

Disaster Resilience

The disaster resilience index measures the capacity of a city to recover from disaster events without loosing their socioeconomic and infrastructural viability.

Disaster Resilience

Storm History

The storm history graph provides information on the counts of storm events in a county published by NOAA since 1950s.

Storm History

Disaster Resilience Section

Use the legend box to select from the different indicators of disaster resilience.

Disaster Resilience Filter

EDA Supplemental Awards Section

Use the color to decode the county-specific EDA awards from the statewide awards.

EDA Awards Filter